No Effort Candy Sale

Our youth took about $60 and went to Sam’s and bought several bulk style candies. Things like candy bars, Lifesavers, gum. We set up a little area at the entrance of our church with all the candy displayed. On a self serve basis people will buy the items by dropping the money in a jar. We make about $80 every 2 months (after we replenish the $60 on candy) This requires no effort on our part at all. Just make sure everybody understands there will be no eat now, pay later. 🙂

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P.I.G. – Pennies in God

Divide your youth group into teams. About one or two months before the funds are needed, give each youth member something to put coins in (e.g., jars, piggybanks, plastic containers, etc.). Each team member tries to collect as much change as possible from friends, family, etc. We had 20 youth participating in this fundraiser and raised over $300! The winning team were treated to a nice dinner and night out with the youth leaders! Easy and inexpensive, but brings great returns!

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Pancake Supper and Syrup War

On a warm summer night, plan a pancake supper and charge donations. Make it known a couple of Sundays in advance, That there will be “some kind of show put on by the youth”.

On the night of the pancake supper, after everyone is full, go to the parking lot of the church, (where you will already have a rubber swimming pool, full of water, set up.) and announce that for a dollar, anybody can have any youth, youth worker, or the pastor, dunked! (You might want to get his consent first if you like working there.)

Remember to bring towels. The youth need to bring a change of clothes. (The youth pastor too. BELIEVE ME.)

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Parent Banquet Night

Have a banquet for all the parents of the youth…either a Christmas or Valentines day banquet and cook food have waiters and waitresses and have a live program full of talent after, we did this and it was a HUGE sucess and we got parents and the youth involved and its a lot of fun for everyone!!

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Parents’ Night Out

My husband and I and another couple started this a Christmas time as a service to church members. One Friday night every other month we offer to keep all the children of the church at the church for approximately 3 hours while the parents go out on a date, movie or just enjoy the time alone. The first one we did was with a Snow party theme another Idea we have is Valentine’s Day and A Veggie Tales night. Are just a few of the ideas we have planned. The kids really enjoy it as well as the parents we usually have pizza, games and a craft. We do charge a small fee around $4.00 for each child to cover costs.

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Penny Wars

This idea plays on the natural competitive spirit of our youth. You need two teams – we did boys vs. girls, but you can also do jr. high vs. senior high, sunday school class vs. sunday school class, etc. Each team was given a jar that was kept in the youth area.

The challenge is to collect as many pennies as possible in a set amount of time (we did it in one month). One penny = one point. The catch is, silver money (nickels, dimes, quarters) and bills subtract from the point value. So if one team collects 200 pennies but one dollar bill and one quarter, they only get 75 points. Competition was kept high by announcing each team’s score every Sunday morning service and Wednesday night meeting. This also got the congregation involved. The winning team was treated to a pizza party. This made us about $500, all from just spare change!

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Pie Auction

The parents or any volunteers would bring pies to a social after a church function. Each pie is then auctioned off to the highest bidder. If you have a favorite pie and there is only one of them the price gets quite high. After the pies are auctioned off, people tend to share their goodies and a great social event takes place. I did this a couple times before and we raised anywhere from $50 to $250 a pie! The youth group earned some money and people’s tummy were happy.

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Pie In The Face

There are two ways you can do this fundraiser:

1. Ask two or three prominent church members (we asked the head pastor, associate pastor, and youth pastor, but it could work very well with the head youth pastor and one or two youth sponsors) to volunteer to get a pie in the face for the youth. Get one container for each volunteer. Place these in a visible place and announce to the church that whoever has the most money in their container at the end of a time period (one month works good) will get a pie in the face.

2. Ask for volunteers to get a pie in the face for the youth. (when you do it this way, it works well to have more than two or three people volunteer) Have the youth group sell tickets to the people in the church, for a chance to throw a pie in a volunteers face. The tickets should have a place to write down the name of the person buying the ticket, and the name of the volunteer they want to throw a pie at. Have one container for each volunteer and put all of the tickets with their name on it in their container. When the time period is up, take each container of tickets and draw one ticket out of each container. The name of the person who bought the ticket gets to throw a pie at that volunteer. This can be more fun, and also more profitable. (the spouses of the volunteers usually buy a lot of tickets) When we did the fundraiser this way, we had eight volunteers. We had seven whipped cream pies, and one real pie for the person with the most tickets in their container. Of course, the youth pastor (Larry) was the one who got the most tickets.

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Pie Throw

This is lots of fun and gets the whole church involved. Have a couple of key people in your church volunteer to receive a pie (like Youth Pastor, Pastor, Sunday School Teachers, Youth Leaders, etc). The object is to get the highest bid for the opportunity to throw the pie. Let’s say Youth Leader Daniela is up next. Anyone who wants to throw the pie in her face has to bid on the pie, and the highest bidder gets to throw the pie. Only one pie per volunteer and all of the proceeds can go towards missions or whatever your church is currently raising money for. My husband is in the Army and they do it in his unit and raise lots of money.

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Pink Flamingos

Buy a few dozen pink lawn flamingos. About 3 dozen would be good. Then at night select church members homes to place the flamingos at. Leave a note letting them know the youth group will come remove the flamingos for a set price. Like ten dollars. The students will get a kick out of sneaking around setting the flamingos up and it will raise money as well! It would probably be best to inform the church about the fund raiser before hand! Perhaps people would even sign up their homes.

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