Precious Gifts

We all know people who have gotten engaged. The gentleman usually gives his bride to be a diamond ring. The diamond is a symbol of their unending love one for another, but it is also communicates how the young man values and treasures this young lady.

We cannot give everyone a diamond, but we can give each of you a polished stone.

It takes time for this stone to become smooth just as it takes time for each of us to change and become more Christ like. Similarly, it is the friction of stones rubbing against each other that smoothes them and makes them more beautiful. Many of us have experienced friction as we have had rough edges worn smooth by friends. Nonetheless, this process makes us more precious and those around us dearer as well.

Rather than talk about building relationships, let’s put it into practice. Take a few moments to exchange your polished stone with someone in this room you value or treasure. As you do, tell them what it is that you appreciate about them or why they are precious to you. Continue this process as time allows.

Where do I get rocks that are appropriate?
I was able to purchase a 10kg. Bag of rocks at Hobby Lobby for$1.99! Three bags were plenty for our group of 85 young people.

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Promise Bible For Students

Version: Contemporary English Version

This version has been described as “user-friendly” and a “mission-driven” translation that can be read aloud without stumbling, heard without misunderstanding, and listened to with enjoyment and appreciation, because the language is contemporary and the style is lucid and lyrical. The Promise Bible for Students will challenge you and encourage you; excite you and amaze you. It can start a revolution in your heart and ignite a passion for God like you’ve never known. It can inspire you to go out and change your world. This is a Bible you can understand-no big, old-fashioned words. When you read it, you’ll find that the Bible is as easy to understand as a magazine. In the Contemporary English Version, the Word of God really speaks your language. Ron Luce, President of Teen Mania Ministries is Consulting Editor for The Promise Bible.

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Race For Da Dinner

This event is a combination of a car rally, a progressive dinner and a trivia night. The idea is for the youth to find their meals.

We are doing a three course meal, so we have an entree, main meal and dessert. Each meal is held in a person’s home. To get to each home they must follow clues that the leader has designated (such as unscrable this street adress or clues as such). Also along the way they must spot certain objects (Such as what is the phone number of the local pizza shop). At the first course the youth will be asked trivia questions and given clues to find their next course.

At the end, add points for answers, include some puzzles and points for time. This event can take up to three hours. A great tool to reach out to young kids.

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Revolve NT Teen Bible

Version: New Century Version
Publisher: Thomas Nelson

A Bible that looks like a magazine!

In focus groups, online polling, and one-on-one discussion, Transit has found that the number one reason teens don’t read the Bible is that it is “too big and freaky looking.” This fashion-magazine format for the New Testament is the perfect solution to that problem. Teen girls feel comfortable exploring the Scriptures and over 500 further-study notes because of the relevant format!

Product Features:
* Blabs (Q & A)
* 12 month-long calendars
* Love Notes from God
* Issue articles
* Basics of Christianity Articles
* Quizzes
* Beauty Secrets
* Guys Speak Out!
* Relationship articles
* Truth or Dares
* Devotional Reading Plans
* and more . . .

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Roll And Discuss

Parents and teens play a game of dice to ask questions of each other in a fun environment. Make four large dice out of cardboard – the dice should be about 4 inches square on each face. Using post it notes, the parents will write questions they would like to ask their kids – such as “what did you think of your first date?” Have you ever been pressured to use drugs?; The kids likewise write out questions for their parents to answer “How did you know mom/dad was the “right” one?” “What was your most embarrassing moment in front of someone of the opposite sex?” etc. Two of the dice are covered with the postits written by the parents (one postit for each face); two of the dice are covered with the kids’ postits. The group sits in a circle and the dice are passed. Each person rolls two dice (the kids roll the dice with the parent’s questions, and the adults roll the dice with the kids questions). Two questions will come up – the roller picks one of the two questions and answers it. This game was surprisingly fun because both the questions and the answers were insightful.

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S.E.R. Club

This is a program I started last summer to keep my teens interested in our youth group during the summer months. It can be used at any time. The S.E.R. stands for Soulwinning, Excitement, and Reward Character(as opposed to talent only). A teen could become a member of the S.E.R. CLUB by accomplishing the following: 1.) Win a certain # of people to the Lord through personal soulwinning (youth leader sets the #). 2.) Show excitement for the youth department by being at all church services and teen activities, as well as inviting & bringing visitors. The teen would fill out an activity sheet weekly to show the services attended, daily Bible reading, souls won, etc. 3.) The teen would be rewarded once they reach a specific level, such as a special meal with the Youth Director, Pastor & their wives; a very nice plaque of achievement presented to them in the Church service, and special privileges during Youth activities. Over a 3 month summer period last year, our youth group read an average of 28.75 chapters in the Bible per week, and won 27 people to the Lord. They accounted for 40% of our soulwinning crowd on Tuesday nights, and almost 15% of our churchwide Sunday School attendance.
If you would like particulars of the program, such as rules and follow-up reports, you may contact me at the e-mail above, call me at 336-785-0527 (Church), 336-918-0759 (mobile), or you may write to me at the following: Ben Streett (Youth Director) Berean Baptist Church 4135 Thomasville Road Winston-Salem, NC 27107

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S.L.A.C – Sunday Lunch After Church

This is a great program for Jr. High but you can use it for any age. The title explains it all…you eat lunch after church and play games. It offers some good fellowship and a very informal time for the kids to hang out.

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S.N.A.C. (Sunday, Night, After, Church)

Once a month the youth meet at people’s homes. The homes are offered on a volunteer basis. This is a time for devotionals and prayer time leading into fun games the kids enjoy, such as “spoons” or board games. This has served the purpose of fellowship. The volunteers get to know the kids and relationships begin. This is how I organized our SNAC night.
Jr. High is every 2nd Sunday
High School is every 3rd Sunday

Volunteers usually prepare food. but you could have the boys bring pop and the girls bring chips or visa versa. This helps with the cost if you have a large youth group.

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Secret Service

Involve parents in youth ministry without requiring the normal rigors of volunteer leadership. Try Parents in Secret Service. Recruit a group of parents to act as secret encouragers for your kids. Give each parent a portion of the names on your youth group roll and gave the spend six months anonymously affirming their assigned kids. Parents can send encouraging notes, leave small surprise gifts at youth meetings or send balloons on birthdays. At the end of the 6 months, have a servants-revealed party where kids meet their secret encouragers and express their appreciation. *** I bet baked goods would be very welcome!

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Senior’s Party

Have your youth group throw a special party for all your graduating seniors. Have kids each write encouraging notes on super-sized cards for each senior. As a part of your evening, take the seniors aside one at a time and videotape them offering words of encouragement to future youth group members. Keep these recordings on file and play them for new youth group members when they join. *** My twist: Go to their parents and ask for early school photos and video, etc and put them on display on bristol board or as a slide presentation. Good for a laugh!

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